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Helpful tips & tricks

Discover numerous useful tips & tricks, life hacks and interesting facts about Duck® Tape. Whether you need help around the house, are looking for tips for the garden or just want to discover a few clever life hacks. Let yourself be inspired and immerse yourself in a world full of practical advice. 💡

In the world of Duck, everything revolves around the perfect finish. To help you get the best out of our adhesive tapes, we have five unbeatable tips for you that you should always bear in mind:

1. clean substrate

A clean surface is the key to success! Our Duck Tape can only adhere optimally to a flawless surface. Dust, grease and solvents are taboo! Before you start, make sure that the surface is dry and free of any dirt. Simply get yourself a little helper: a broom, vacuum cleaner or cotton cloth will make the surface tape-friendly in no time at all. 🧹

2. find the perfect match - the right duck tape

The world of adhesive tapes is huge. Choosing the right tape is crucial to avoid residues and other nasty surprises. So how do you find the right adhesive tape for your project? You can use these questions as a guide:

  • What exactly do you want to do? Painting, repairing, assembling, packing,…?
    Our categories will help you make the right choice.
  • How long should the tape stay on? This refers to the duration of use of the belt. Some tapes can be applied for several months, others only for a few days before residues appear.
  • What substrate is the tape glued to? Smooth, rough, wallpaper, stone, plastic? Every surface has its own requirements.
  • What is processed on the adhesive tape? Paint, plaster, floor coatings or other coverings?
  • Where should the tape be used? Indoors or outdoors?

As you can see, the conditions differ, which means that each band has its own suitable application.

Tip: Do a short bonding test before you start! Apply a piece of tape to an inconspicuous area and check that everything fits.

3. stick on correctly - Easy does it

If possible, glue the tape in one piece to avoid unsightly cavities. The more often you cut the tape, the greater the chance that paint will seep under the tape. Always unroll just a small piece (without tearing it off), press on and then continue. No hurry – the Duck Tape has time.

4. press well & show edge

The edges are the stars! Make sure that they are pressed on properly, preferably with your finger. The better you press down, the better the adhesion. This prevents paint from running under the belt and gives you a perfect result.

5. pull off correctly - the triumphant finish:

Pull off the Duck Tape at a flat angle without jerky movements. Avoid leaving the tape on for too long and peel it off while it is still fresh to ensure effortless removal. The perfect finale to your gluing adventure.

With these five tips, masking is child’s play!

Do you want to paint on woodchip wallpaper? No stress, we’ve got the tips, tricks and best tape to turn your wall into a work of art – no drama, just laughs!

Which band will rock the party?

When masking woodchip wallpaper, the right adhesive tape is like a VIP pass to the best show. Our top recommendation: The Duck® Fineline Tape! This tape is no ordinary tape, it is the rock star among adhesive tapes for painting. Perfect for precise lines and sharp edges. It even adapts easily to the woodchip texture – for a result that’s cooler than anything you’ve painted before!

Tips for prank fun

Pre-painting the belt edgeBrush the edge of the tape with the wall paint on which the tape sits. Let the whole thing dry and then start with your favorite color. Bye-bye, color chaos – hello, sharp separation and good vibes!

⚠️ Attention: Patience is a virtue: Forget the rush! Check the drying times. Good art takes time, and that also applies to your wall. Patience pays off!

Good pressure of the tapeShow what you’ve got! Press the tape down firmly – after all, it has to fit snugly against the woodchip wallpaper and seal all cavities. Pressing is the key to avoiding color underruns. You are the boss!

Painting with the tapeAlways stroke in the direction of the edge of the tape and not against it. This minimizes the risk of colour bleeding and ensures precise lines. Always in time with the band.

Substrate check when buying: Pay attention to the surface when shopping! Fineline Tape (Washi) is the star on woodchip wallpaper, but there are also special tapes for other surfaces – for example Fineline Tape Outdoor, or Fineline Tape sensitive for super-sensitive surfaces (such as photo wallpaper). Your wall, your rules!

With these cool tips and the best adhesive tape, painting on woodchip will be the best party in town. Get artistic results and impress with sharp edges. Happy Painting!

Skirting boards (550mm or 180mm)

Whether large or small, our mask lengths adapt to your skirting boards. Choose between 550mm for the larger ones or 180mm for the smaller ones – for a clean masking that is worth seeing.

Window (1.40m)

Window sills come in different sizes, and our masking lengths adapt to them. With 180mm or 550mm, you have the freedom to choose the perfect cover for your window sills.

Door (2.60m)

Our 2.60 m masking roller is perfect for majestic doors and large projects. Perfect for covering large areas without compromising on precision.

Fliesen im Badezimmer (2,60m)

Das Badezimmer ist ein Raum, in dem Präzision entscheidend ist. Unsere 2,60m Maskerrolle ist perfekt, um Fliesen abzukleben und ein makelloses Finish zu erzielen

All Duck® Fineline products are particularly thin and flexible and adapt perfectly to the surface. They prevent paint from seeping underneath and keep your paint edges clean and crisp. The tapes can be removed without leaving any residue even after several weeks and do not tear even when damp.

Fineline tape

masking tape