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Come with us on the DuckTape® journey and
learn how
tape became an indispensable companion today.


Adhesive tape is invented during the Second World War. American soldiers use the strong, versatile adhesive for everything from repairing broken windows to making temporary bandages.


The Melvin A. Anderson Company is founded. A small industrial belt distributor that supplies factories in the region. Shurtpae later becomes the parent company of the company.


Jack Kahl acquires Melvin A. Anderson in a leveraged buyout and changes the name to Manco, Inc.


Manco, Inc. undergoes a complete redesign of its packaging to the now recognized green brand color and becomes the first company to package adhesive tape for the retail trade.


Jack Kahl officially creates a branded adhesive tape under the Duck brand. DuckTape® is registered as a trademark.


Manco Inc. is the first company to offer crystal-clear packaging tape.


Manco T. Duck, Manco's mascot, is born and the first Duck logo is created.


The Duck logo will be updated to the current logo.


European expansion of the brand for the DIY segment. DuckTape offers a wide range in the categories: Renovating, Repairing, Packaging and Securing & Mounting.


Duck Tape® is undergoing an exciting transformation, presenting a new brand image and a new product range. From fresh designs to innovative products, Duck Tape® continues to offer premium solutions for all your taping needs.