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DUCK TAPE® ORIGINAL Fabric Tape Transparent

DUCK TAPE® ORIGINAL Fabric Tape Transparent


  • Sturdy, highly adhesive premium fabric tape for universal use
  • Weather-resistant and waterproof
  • High mesh count (density of the reinforcing fabric strips) for more stability – can still be torn by hand
  • Very tear-resistant – water-repellent and UV-resistant
  • Processable up to + 90 °C
  • Dimensions: 50mm x 25m

Field of application

  • Repairing – fixing – sealing – marking and protecting on stone – metal – wood and much more.
  • Long-term indoor and outdoor use

We make the difference

You have the full choice with DUCK® – single-sided, double-sided or versatile, you decide!

Whether inside your home or outside in front of the house, our range leaves nothing to be desired.
Wishes unfulfilled! There is the perfect adhesive tape for every application.

And by the way, our helpers from DUCK® are really great! They have ultimate adhesive strength, many are super tear-resistant and some even withstand all weathers. These are just three of its impressive features! And all tapes are super easy to apply. You can solve any project in no time at all with these, we promise!

That is simply unbeatable! Get the best tapes for your projects! | RATZ.FATZ.DUCK®.

Further product information

Duck fabric tape is your new friend and helper for all kinds of building projects! Whether indoors or outdoors, the Duck fabric tape always supports you. It’s not just there for repairs, it can do so much more. Whether you want to fasten, seal, mark or simply protect something, Duck fabric tape rocks on stone, metal and wood and shows what it can do. The tape is not only extremely tear-resistant, but also water-repellent and UV-resistant. This means that it not only withstands everyday use, but also defies the elements. Whether rain, sun or other adventures – our Duck fabric tape remains stable and protects what needs to be protected. Our Duck fabric tape not only sticks, it really sticks! With its sturdy and highly adhesive premium fabric, it is perfect for all your projects. The high mesh count ensures stability, but don’t worry, you can still easily tear it by hand – convenient and practical! And the heat test? No problem! With a processing temperature of up to +90 °C, it stays cool even when things get hot. Give your projects that extra bit of reliability and versatility.

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