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Duck® fine crepe 3-pack

Duck® fine crepe 3-pack


  • Lightly creped thin fine crepe tape
  • Tear-resistant and supple
  • Resistant to water, thinners and oil
  • Duration: 3 days
  • FSC certified
  • Available in different sizes for every application
  • Dimensions: 3x30mmx50m

Field of application

  • For versatile masking work indoors and outdoors, for example for walls, skirting boards, door frames or furniture
  • Ideal for smooth surfaces

We make the difference

You have the full choice with DUCK® – single-sided, double-sided or versatile, you decide!

Whether inside your home or outside in front of the house, our range leaves nothing to be desired.
Wishes unfulfilled! There is the perfect adhesive tape for every application.

And by the way, our helpers from DUCK® are really great! They have ultimate adhesive strength, many are super tear-resistant and some even withstand all weathers. These are just three of its impressive features! And all tapes are super easy to apply. You can solve any project in no time at all with these, we promise!

That is simply unbeatable! Get the best tapes for your projects! | RATZ.FATZ.DUCK®.

Further product information

With our Duck fine masking tape, you have found the perfect tool for your masking activities. This lightly creped painter’s tape offers the perfect blend of flexibility and durability. The thin and flexible fine crepe tape is not only tear-resistant, but also resistant to water, thinners and oil. Tear-resistant yet supple, the fine crepe tape not only impresses with its durability, but also with its impressive adhesive strength. In the trendy beige color, it not only looks great, but also keeps its promise in terms of environmental friendliness with the FSC certificate. Available in various sizes, it is your reliable partner for short-term painting work, both indoors and outdoors. Perfect for walls, skirting boards, door frames or furniture – no area is too small or too large. Smooth surfaces in particular are the playing field of this all-rounder. With the practical 3-pack, you are perfectly equipped for your next project.

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