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Duck® PET packing tape EU

Duck® PET packing tape EU


  • transparent
  • Strong adhesive strength
  • Robust and tear-resistant
  • Adheres reliably to various surfaces
  • Sustainable: made from recycled PET bottles
  • Dimensions: 48mmx66m


Field of application

  • For sealing parcels and cartons
  • Ideal for moving, storage and shipping

We make the difference

You have the full choice with DUCK® – single-sided, double-sided or versatile, you decide!

Whether inside your home or outside in front of the house, our range leaves nothing to be desired.
Wishes unfulfilled! There is the perfect adhesive tape for every application.

And by the way, our helpers from DUCK® are really great! They have ultimate adhesive strength, many are super tear-resistant and some even withstand all weathers. These are just three of its impressive features! And all tapes are super easy to apply. You can solve any project in no time at all with these, we promise!

That is simply unbeatable! Get the best tapes for your projects! | RATZ.FATZ.DUCK®.

Further product information

Welcome to the world of sustainable packaging! Strongly adhesive, robust and tear-resistant – this tape adheres reliably to various surfaces and makes your packaging adventure a breeze. What makes it even cooler? The environmental friendliness! Made from recycled PET bottles, this strap is not only strong but also sustainable. With dimensions of 48mm x 66m, it offers you sufficient length for all your packaging needs. Whether you’re moving house, storing things or sending parcels – this PET packing tape is ready and waiting. Seal parcels and boxes effortlessly and be environmentally conscious at the same time. Grab it now and put an end to the stress of packing!

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