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Duck® plastic protective tape

Duck® plastic protective tape


  • PE tape for masking plastic substrates
  • No yellowing
  • Resistant to water, thinners and oil
  • Not suitable for anodized aluminium
  • Dimensions: 48 mm x 33 m


Field of application

  • For long-term masking for plastering, stucco and building protection work
  • For indoor and outdoor use

We make the difference

You have the full choice with DUCK® – single-sided, double-sided or versatile, you decide!

Whether inside your home or outside in front of the house, our range leaves nothing to be desired.
Wishes unfulfilled! There is the perfect adhesive tape for every application.

And by the way, our helpers from DUCK® are really great! They have ultimate adhesive strength, many are super tear-resistant and some even withstand all weathers. These are just three of its impressive features! And all tapes are super easy to apply. You can solve any project in no time at all with these, we promise!

That is simply unbeatable! Get the best tapes for your projects! | RATZ.FATZ.DUCK®.

Further product information

Where fun meets protection, we present our Expert protective tape – a specially developed PE tape that meets the highest demands. The Expert protective tape is designed for masking plastic substrates and offers remarkable resistance to environmental influences. It is characterized by its resistance to water, thinners and oil, which enables reliable use in a wide variety of situations. There’s no yellowing in sight either – even after the wildest adventures, this ribbon remains as white as snow. But beware: This super tape is not suitable for anodized aluminium – here we have an area that even the Expert protective tape respects But for all plastic substrates indoors and outdoors, this tape is a faithful companion in any case and proves its worth especially for long-term masking work in the context of plastering, stuccoing and building protection projects. The white coloring of the tape enables clear, yet unobtrusive marking and precise work. Measuring 50 mm x 33 m, it offers a generous length for efficient work. Experience a reliable and effective solution for your masking requirements without compromising on quality with DUCK’s Expert protective tape.

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